Hi, I’m Meredith Storrs, the owner/operator of Off-Leash Excursions.

My entire life, dogs have been a source of unconditional love and happiness. I grew up in Duxbury, Massachusetts with several Golden Retrievers. Following the completion of my undergrad degree at the University of Colorado at Boulder, I moved back to Boston to start this endeavor and have loved every minute of it.

Dogs that are well-exercised, both physically and mentally, are better behaved and more balanced dogs. The pack walks with Off-Leash Excursions emphasize structured play and fun, but we also are always practicing commands such as “sit”, “leave it”, “stay”, and recall.

I know that providing your dog with the time, attention, and exercise they may need is difficult — that’s why I’m here to help.



Offering day camp and training in Boston to the surrounding areas:
info@offleashexcursions.com or 781-424-7063