All members of the Off-Leash Excursions pack must be at least six months old, have current rabies vaccinations and have a current license. I also highly recommend microchips. Dogs with serious food, toy, people or dog aggressions are not accepted.

While most dogs benefit from exercise and social activity, Off-Leash Excursions is not necessarily the best solution for all dogs. Some dogs might prefer a solo on-leash walk in their own neighborhood, or a short trip to one of the fenced area dog parks, or a full day of doggie day care. In Boston and the surrounding area, there are a full range of qualified providers of all of these services. I'm happy to provide referrals.



Off-Leash Excursions carefully screens each dog before placement within the pack. I visit your home or a local dog park for a face to snout interview with you and your pup. Then, you fill out some forms and your dog goes on a trial run with the pack. Assuming this all goes well, we then figure out a weekly schedule that best works for you and your dog. 



While New England winters are notoriously unpredictable, I look forward to being outside in all climates. However, if a State of Emergency is declared, or if I deem the roads too treacherous to drive, I will cancel the hikes for that day and/or do a limited service walk. This is both for my safety and the safety of your fur baby! 


Muddy Paws

Off-Leash Excursions never brings home a dirty dog! Our car is fully stocked with towels, dog-friendly baby wipes, waterless shampoo and brushes to ensure that you return home to a pooped pup, not a stinky one! 



I have several years of experience hiking, both in New England and in Colorado, with and without canines. I choose our destinations carefully and thoughtfully to ensure my safety and the safety of the dogs. However, there is some risk associated with every group dog activity and every off-leash hike. You must accept these risks for your dog to become a member of the pack. That being said, the pack is very self-regulating. Most dogs are assimilated quickly and the "pack mentality" is to stick together! The dogs consider me their pack leader and always stay close enough that they can see me and ensure my whereabouts. 

I am always available to answer your safety questions. Please don't hesitate to ask!